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Finding Language tutors in Umm Salal Muhammad and in other cities in Qatar is now easy with MyPrivateTutor. We also help you find tuition classes and coaching centers in Umm Salal Muhammad as well as online tutors. Home tuition helps to get higher marks and increase confidence. Use our portal to find the best local tutors, tutorial centers and tuition classes in Umm Salal Muhammad.

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Male, 31 Yrs

3 Years of Teaching Experience

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  • Qualification: M.Tech. (Nano Science & Technology), M.Sc. (Physics), B.Sc. (Physics)
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    Umm Salal Muhammad
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M.Tech. (Nano Science & Technology), M.Sc. (Physics), B.Sc. (Physics)


I use to teach subject with real time example to make student more depth in each topic and I don't hesitate to repeat the particular topic till complete understanding. I usually impart any topic from basic understanding to research and product level.

Tutoring Approach

I start any topic from basic level and make the student more understanding with the help of chart, board/power point presentation, images and videos. I try to correlate one topic with current event. Techniques: Occasional discussion help the student more understanding, Recall the previous topic and frequent home work/test brings good result in exams. I used to maintain assessment record to follow up the student regularly.


Female, 24 Yrs

2 Years of Teaching Experience

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- Tutored for 2 years in the College of Business & Economics, Qatar University Courses taught: Business Maths, Financial Accounting, Business Statistics, Operations Management. - Worked in Future Bridge Academy Courses taught: Principles of Marketing, Business Accounting, Supply Chain & Logistics Management, Data Analysis

Tutoring Approach

- One-to-one tutoring sessions - Group tutoring sessions

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