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Part-time or full-time, online or in-person, Doha, Al Rayyan, Umm Sala and the other cities, Maths or English - whatever may be your preference, MyPrivateTutor provides you with the perfect platform to launch, grow and promote your career as a tutor.

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Build your tutoring credentials:

Create your own unique, detailed personal profile as a tutor highlighting all your credentials. Add your qualifications, experience, stellar reviews from students, upload videos of your teaching or articles you have written and let the world know of your tutoring prowess. Create your FREE profile

Multiply Your Income:

Go beyond one-on-one tutoring and launch a group class, start an online course to teach students from all over the world or sell your own study notes. Take charge of your tutoring career. How to Teach a Course

No Commissions:

Teach all the students you want for as long as you want without paying a cut of your fees to us. Our Basic profile is free while a monthly fixed charge is payable for Premium subscriptions. Benefits of Premium subscription

Easy and Hassle-Free:

Let us handle your payments and bookings and focus on what you do best - teaching and bringing concepts to life

Frequently Asked Questions

1 How to register as a Tutor in MyPrivateTutor?

Please Click Here to Sign up as Tutor and follow on-screen instructions.

2When can I access my account after registration?

After registration, your tutor profile will be verified and will be activated by our admin team. We will send an activation mail once the steps are done. The entire process can take 24-48 hours to complete, so please keep patience and co-operate with us.

3How do I get email verification code and verify my account?

After completion of tutor registration process, on your 1st login attempt, you’ll be asked to verify your email address. This is important, so please follow the below mentioned steps for successful verification.
  • Then click ‘Get Verification Code
  • You’ll receive a mail with a verification code.
  • Put that verification code in the appropriate field and submit to complete email verification process

4As a free member, can I get any enquiry?

Yes, as a Basic member you can get limited tuition enquiry notifications depending upon the availability. Based on your profile students can send you message, send callback requests. However to view any tuition leads directly you need to subscribe with our Premium Membership or buy Tuition Connects.

5Do I need to pay to receive contacts of students and avail other services?

Yes - to view any tuition leads directly you need to subscribe with our Premium Membership or buy Tuition Connects. You can also buy Text Box ads to display your ad with contact number on the Sidebar of our Tutor Listing page and get direct student enquiries.

6What are the benefits of Premium Membership subscription?

As a premium member, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Premium Tag with your profile
  • Profile displayed above Basic members
  • Mobile / WhatsApp Number with profile
  • All Premium Leads Contact details
  • Preference during Lead Delivery
  • Can see all Callback requests
  • Can see all enquiry messages
  • Real Time Tuition Mails
  • Daily Summary Tuition Mails

7Can I get tuition enquiries in my email?

Yes, with premium subscription you will get real time email notification of all tuitions leads posted matching your categories, subjects and area selected.

8Is it mandatory to upload copy of last educational certificate?

It is not mandatory to upload your educational certificates scanned copy but to increase your profile authenticity we encourage all members to do the same. You can upload copy of your certificate and address proof and for a small fees can add “Profile Verified” badge with your listing.


We do respect your privacy and do not share any data with any 3rd party.

9Is it necessary to upload my educational certificate?

You should display your latest educational certificate’s copy with your tutor profile (but it is not mandatory). Your latest certificates will add more value to your profile and it’ll become more authentic and acceptable to the students.

10Is it necessary to provide complete address for home tutor?

Yes, it is necessary to provide complete address for the home tutors, but not mandatory.

11How do I get students from my preferred location?

To get tuition leads from your preferred areas please check following steps:
  • Login to your tutor profile (Click here to login)
  • Check the first tab “Categories & Areas”
  • Click on the link “Edit Areas” and add all preferred locations

12Where can I find Tuition Jobs in My Account?

Login to your account and check for “Tuition Jobs” tab on the left sidebar. Under these tab you will see links for all Tuition Jobs, Premium Leads and Institute Job notifications.

13Why I am not able to view mail id or phone number of tuition enquiries?

In tuition enquiries you will get students' contact details have been masked as [email protected] and 98300XXXXX. If you are a premium or paid member then you'll be able to see these masked contact details after logging-in in your tutor profile.

14Can I change my location and category or segments after registration?

We are sorry, but we can’t allow you to change your address location and segment or category after registration. So at the time of registration please enter your details (including location and segment) carefully.

15Can I register as an Online Tutor?

Yes, you can register as an online tutor and approach our students for online lessons.
Please note that MyPrivateTutor only provides online tuition enquiries and does not organise any online room or whiteboard facility.

16Can I organize Group classes through MyPrivateTutor?

Yes - you can add and sell all your group classes, live classroom and online courses. We will handle all booking and enquiries and inform you once a booking has been made. We charge only 20% of course fees as commission to cover payment gateway and handling charges. After successful completion of the courses, money will be transferred to your Paypal Account only.
To add a class, please follow the steps below:
  • Login to your account (Click here to login)
  • On the left sidebar check “Courses & Classes” tab
  • Click on “Add a Course” and fill up all details

17Is there any money back guarantee if I do not get any tuition details?

We can understand your concern and give you assurance about the availability of tuition enquiries from your selected location, segments and subjects. Generally we do not refund fees but can always help to get more tuition leads. Before choosing a subscription plan please read MPT Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

18Can I pay subscription amount after getting prospective students?

We can understand your concern. But you are only eligible to get students’ contact details after choosing your suitable subscription.

19How many enquiries will I get after paying subscription?

During subscription time period (say for 1 month, 3 months or 12 months) you’ll get all available tuition enquiries from your selected location, segments and subjects. The total number of tuition enquiry may vary depending upon the availability.

20Is there any limit to get daily enquiries?

There is no daily quota of getting tuition enquiries and the daily number of tuition enquiry may vary depending upon the available tuitions in selected location, segments and subjects.

21Do I need to pay any commission from my tuition fees?

We do not claim any type of commission from your tuition fees which has been received from student directly. So you need not to pay anything except the premium subscription fees or tuition connect fees.

However if you sell group classes and courses in MyPrivateTutor and if any customer books it through our platform by making payment through Paypal, then we charge only 20% of course fees as commission to cover payment gateway and handling charges. After successful completion of the courses money will be transferred to your Paypal Account only.

22Interview with MyPrivateTutor

If you are interested to go through a formal interview session about your touring experiences, we would forward you a questionnaire regarding your subject skills, teaching methods, ability and opinion on your subject expertise. You could send us the detailed answers via email or we can fix up Skype interview and publish this interview in our blog or newsletter. This service is available for premium members only however MyPrivateTutor reserves the right to fix up interview with any member.

If you are interested please write to [email protected]