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Male, 50 Years

15 Years of Teaching Experience

Experienced Tutor in Math-Statistics-Physics + EE (Circuits, Power & Control)

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  • Area: Al Muraikh, Al Wabb Al Markhiya, Education City, Markhiya
  • Teaches: MATHS, Electronics, Electrical, Computer / IT, Statistics, P... more

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Profile Details:


Experienced Tutor in Math-Statistics-Physics + EE (Circuits, Power & Control)

Tutoring Experience:

Electrical engineer and MBA. I have been tutoring engineering and business students from from TA&M,and CMU, as well as IB and AP Maths and Phisics for ASD, ACS and Doha College high schoolers, If you need help with math (algebra, geometry, trigonometry, series, calculus, linear algebra, multivariate calculus , diff equations, Laplace, Fourier) or physics (mechanics, electricity, waves, optics), statistics or eng. subjects (circuits,control theory, electrical machinery, power systems, field theory, i can help!

Tutoring Options:

I Can Manage Both

Tutoring Approach:

Interaction starts with a short interview regarding the topic of interest and the level, I prepare a summary of the ideas/concepts that student should manage to undertake the topic under study - usually a mind map - and then explain the matter of the class by presenting concept + solved exercises + proposed exercises. Most students learn more with the help of visual aids that show the relation of knowledge. Help is available via Whatsapp if student is reviewing the lesson alone and get stuck outside lesson time.

Fees Expected (QAR):

250-350 / hour depends on the subject and the level (school / university)

Tuition Schedule:

Sunday 3PM-10PM
Monday 3PM-10PM
Tuesday 3PM-10PM
Wednesday 3PM-10PM
Thursday 3PM-10PM
Friday To be agreed
Saturday To be agreed


Engineering SubjectsMATHS, Electronics, Electrical, Computer / IT,
Secondary StageStatistics, Physics, Mathematics,
UNIVERSITYStatistics, Physics, MATHS, Engineering Subjects,


Online Tutoring

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  • Always has a summary planned out in advance for the topic you ask for and really makes sure that you grasp every detail in each concept and is willing to repeat concepts until you have no gaps in that particular area.

    Posted by: Latifa Rating:
  • Alcazar classes was informative at the same time enjoyable. Within the one year of him tutoring me, we achieved a lot from completing the AS Math syllabus to practicing SAT exam papers. I do recommend any student who's struggling with any subject in relation to Math to request a tutoring session with Mr Alcazar, since he's always optimistic on his student receiving the highest grades in their exams and they may achieve it.

    Posted by: Abdulaziz Rating:
  • How hard he works to make the student understand what is needed of him before his exams.

    Posted by: Abdulla Rating:
  • The way he gives any information is really good. He explains everything in an easy way.

    Posted by: Khaloud Rating:
  • Very intelligent, perfect way of explaining. He helped me understanding the fundamentals and concepts of control systems in engineering. When you need any help in engineering subjects, he is a perfect choice.

    Posted by: Mohammed Rating:
  • Mr. Juan Carlos is a very good tutor mainly because he knows how to explain a topic and make the student understand it. He creates summaries of the topics and makes sure that student has no doubt left by providing practice material and going over the practice material with the student.

    Posted by: Yara Abunemeh Rating:
  • His precision and his attention to details. He always thinks about things from the student's perspectives an think in their shoes. "UNDERSTANDING"

    Posted by: Maryam Al-marzooqi Rating:

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