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Melissa (QAT 7956)

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US Teaching Credential, Masters in Teaching
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US Teaching Credential, Masters in Teaching
I am American teacher with 15 years of teaching and tutoring experience. U.S. Certified High School and Middle School Teacher with a Masters in Teaching. I specialize in SAT, GRE and IELTS prep and have helped over 100 students improve their SAT, GRE and IELTS scores. I teach Algebra at iCademy Dubai, the premier American virtual school in the Middle East. I have my own online tutoring business and work with students from many of the best international schools in the Middle East. I prefer to be contacted through WhatsApp with the same mobile number.
I Can Manage Both

I use the combination of Skype and an interactive whiteboard so that I can work directly with my students. We work both face to face and on the virtual collaborative whiteboard. We can work on practice tests together and I can also demonstrate how to solve problems. The student will need to have a laptop or desktop computer and internet connection. I am happy to do a free demonstration lesson.

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Mathematics, Humanities, English, Business Studies
Humanities, History, English, Business Studies


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By : Melissa Daniels

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This course provides guidance for SAT exam preparation.

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Notes Written by: Melissa Daniels

5 Tips to Ace the SAT Math No Calculator Section

The Math No Calculator section is 25 minutes and has 15 multiple choice questions and 5 grid-ins. It is the third section of the SAT. There are many helpful tips to help you ace this SAT math section.

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5 ways to a Create a Growth Mindset

In a growth mindset, people believe that their most basic abilities can be developed through dedication and hard work—brains and talent are just the starting point. This view creates a love of learning and a resilience that is essential for great accomplishment.

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Prepared by: Melissa Daniels

Written by: Melissa Daniels


Melissa has been helping my daughter, who attends the American School of Doha, to prepare for the SAT by giving her practice questions, tips, and strategies. Melissa has also been helping my daughter to improve her reading and writing skills in general.  Melissa is friendly, dynamic, and professional. My daughter felt comfortable with her from the beginning.  Melissa is an excellent tutor who I highly recommend!   


I didn’t know how to approach the ACT at first, my math skills were very low. Melissa guided me through each question and helped me understand the strategies to get a high score. Not only that, but she helped me with the IELTS test, and my writing skills improved tremendously and eventually I achieved high scores. I’m truly grateful for her aid and couldn’t have asked for a more a better equipped teacher. She also helped me with my college applications which really reduced my stress. I promise you won’t regret her tutoring you.

Azzam Azmy Azzam

I've worked with Melissa to get the score band I was looking for in IELTS. Actually, she is very specific and well organized, she tailors a study plan focusing on the student's weaknesses and enhances his/her confidence to achieve the goal. Furthermore, studying online is way more convenient than going to an institute, and Melissa makes it even easier as she is very flexible on timing and sessions' schedule.

Jomana Hussain

I couldn't organize my thoughts clearly on my college essays. I didn't know what to include or what type of format to follow. With Melissa's assistance, I was immediately at ease. She reassured me and tackled each problem from the start. My writing skills and technique improved. The stress with your school work, tests, or college applications will significantly decrease with Melissas help. The way Melissa explains writing, the questions she asks and the guidelines she provides makes writing easier and you will discover your own unique writing style. These lessons also help me in my high school classes such as Literature and Speech. I'm eternally grateful for Melissa's help.


I wanted to improve my SAT grade and Melissa was highly recommended to me by a friend. I like how she breaks down the Math problems and then makes me do an extra problem to help me really understand the concept. She is very flexible and focuses on my weaknesses which helps a lot. She creates a cheat sheet to help me remember the strategies I need to use. I was nervous about online tutoring, but it turned out better than face to face tutoring. We dont waste time so its more productive. After working with Melissa, my SAT improved by 100 points! I felt like the tutoring sessions were worth the money my parents spent.


I didnt know any techniques or strategies about the SAT. Our school didnt give us any help with the format or structure of the SAT. My friend highly recommended Melissa but I was skeptical. I had never done online tutoring and I was worried about the technical problems. I didnt know if it would work. It is actually super interactive through the whiteboard and face to face video which is super helpful. There are almost no technical problems and the one time we did have a problem, Melissa had a backup app so we could continue the lesson no problem. She makes me feel confident and she is positive and encouraging which is motivating. I increased my score 220 points after working with Melissa. If you want to really improve your score, hire Melissa!


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