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Al Gharafa
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I am a professional chemistry tutored currently residing in London. I have over ten years of experience teaching and tutoring Chemistry in both US and UK. I offer tuition in the following chemistry subjects: IGCSE, A-level, AP, IB, university. I am familiar with all major uK boards, such as: AQA, ORD, Edexcel and CIE. I have prepared students for the following exams: AP Chemistry, SAT Chemistry and MCAT.

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I see my job as the provider of the missing ingredient from the educational experience. For some students, the lecture or the book simply does not make sense, I will explain the concept in as many different ways as needed until the student gets it. For some students, more practice problems are needed. I am happy to provide practice problems and guide the student through the solution. We are all different and learn in different ways. My job is to find the right way to learn for each student and to unlock the potential that I see in every person that comes to me.

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Al Gharafa

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Raj Pandya

I was taking a very challenging organic chemistry course at the university. Finding tutor for organic chemistry is incredibly hard, as the level of instruction is very high and you need a person with university teaching experience. I was desperate when I finally found Anna. Anna was knowledgable and extremely qualified. The only problem is that she was in London, so tutoring would have to be done online. I was hesitant, but after our first session I was hooked. In fact, now I would say that online tutoring with Anna was way more effective than listening to lectures of my professor. Anna will explain the difficult concepts to you in many different ways until you understand it. I highly recommend her!

Anika Gupta

My daughter started HL IB chemistry with a particularly difficult chemistry teacher. I searched for a good chemistry tutor but I couldn't find anyone that was happy with the tutor they had for their child. A friend told me that she found an amazing tutor for her son - but she was in London. I was skeptical - tutoring by Skype. She said she was too, but after a few lessons, her son was completely back on track. So I thought it couldn't hurt to try & I contacted Anna. After the first lesson, my daughter was hopeful. After the next two lessons, she regained her confidence. From then on, she looked forward to meeting with Anna so she could understand what she learned in class. Anna teaches in a way that clarifies and solidifies the material in a non intimidating way. She makes learning chemistry fun (I even heard my daughter laughing during her lesson!)"

Craig Amber

My son took AP Chemistry this year and had no idea what he was getting into. One month into the school year, and it was clear that he was lost and his grades showed it. With just a few sessions, Anna was able to distill my son’s extremely challenging AP content into their basic and fundamental elements, and then she built everything piece by piece with the utmost clarity in order for my son to be able to naturally internalize the nuances that are neither taught at school or present in the text book. My son’s last test score was among the highest in his AP class. Professionalism at its best.

Anna Levenshus

I needed a chemistry tutor for my daughter as chemistry teaching at her school was not great. She needed to get an A in A level chemistry but only achieved the equivalent of a D at the end of year 12. She worked with Anna over year 13 and turned the D into an A in her A level and is off to medical school next month. She found Anna to be a great tutor who was very knowledgeable and explained things very well using a different approach if she didn`t get it first time. With Anna`s help my daughter understood the concepts and I am sure that is why she achieved the grade that she did. I would have no hesitation in recommending Anna.


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