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How To Invite Students using the Online Classes Feature


Log into your profile

The basic idea is very simple. You would just have to log into your profile and on the left side of your dashboard, you would notice a new section called “Online Classes.” Click on it.


Add your class and invite students

After you have clicked on the “Online Classes” link, a page will open up asking you to add your class and invite students.


Enter the required details

You can invite students by entering the name of the class, class details (mention the time of the class), the name of the student, and his/her email ID. The time of the class is fixed to a 60 minutes session. If you want to continue, you will have to open a new class in the same way with the same student like the way shown above.

Note: You can invite any student for online classes. The student doesn’t necessarily have to be registered with our platform. Just the email would do.


Join the class

Once the invitation is sent, you will notice the class being created in your class history. You can then join the class or delete the class as you wish.


Wait for the student to join

Once you click on “Join class,” the 60-minutes timer starts ONLY after both the student and the tutor joins at the same time. When both have joined, the class begins.

How to use the Online Whiteboard

The online white board has multiple functionalities.

You can use the white board to chat with your student, write your message or information on the board using the pencil tool, rub it off using the eraser, upload study materials, and more.

Both of you (the student and the tutor) can export on-screen document anytime you want by clicking on the “export” button at the bottom right of the screen.

For complete details, refer to the step-by-step video below:

Who can use the Online Whiteboard?

If you are a premium tutor on our platform, you can automatically use the Online Whiteboard depending on the number of classes you have.

Just go to the “Premium Membership” tab and find out the number of classes you can have depending on your premium membership plan, and that’s basically it.


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