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General English Classes for Elementary Level

Course offered by : Educate Learning Center

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Our General English Courses provide a comprehensive program which includes everything from the rules of grammar and vocabulary building, to reading and listening exercises. Classes are run in groups or private classes, as per your preference vocabulary building, to reading and listening exercises.

Topics covered / Highlights

Practical Syllabus

• Giving and justifying opinions
• Talking about routines and habits
• Talking about inventions and inventors
• Describing experiences
• Talking about feelings
• Making comparisons
• Inviting
• Making decisions
• Describing and buying things
• Talking about the possibility
• Expressing hopes
• Talking about rules and obligations
• Giving instructions
• Making offers
• Advising and suggesting
• Apologizing
• Congratulating

Vocabulary Syllabus

• Family
• Food and meals
• Clothing and shopping
• Prices
• Daily routines
• Personality and appearance
• Present and childhood abilities
• Basic suffixes
• Work and jobs
• Transport and travel
• Machines and Inventions
• Festivals and celebrations
• Hotel situations
• Weather and climate

Grammar Syllabus

• Present simple
• Articles
• Pronouns
• Countable, Uncountable nouns
• Adverbs of frequency and manner
• Too/not enough
• Can/could for requests
• Adjectives and modifiers
• Past simple
• Present continuous for temporary situations and things happening now and future arrangements
• Comparatives and superlatives
• Present perfect and participles
• Imperatives
• Should for advice
• Have to/need to for obligations
• Be like for descriptions
• Present simple for future facts
• Future simple for future facts

Who can attend this ?

Non-Native English Speakers who want to learn the English Language or who wants to do better.

Pre requisites

Placement test  must be conducted prior to the General English Course and this is free of charge. You can confirm a booking between 10:00am to 18:00pm on weekdays.

What am I going to get from this Class ?

  • Read and understand short texts
  • Understand and use basic writing skills
  • Use grammatically correct simple sentences; attempt sentences with linking words;

Reading: to be able to read and understand language and descriptions of topics from short texts, leaflets etc.

Writing: to be able to write describing everyday activities; short writings about familiar topics.

Listening: to be able to understand short and familiar topics.

Speaking: to be able to talk about familiar topics; daily routines, describe oneself or a third person using the 3rd person singular.

Grammar: to be able to understand and apply the body of rules surrounding English grammar in everyday contexts; auxiliary verbs to be, to have, to do; pronouns and possessive pronouns – my, your, his and her; basic present simple – positive, negative and questions; articles a/an; present continuous – positive, negative and questions; present continuous for future arrangements; adjectives; verbs – regular and irregular; past simple at A2+ level;     

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