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Arabic Lessons - Level 2

Course offered by : Educate Learning Center

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At Educate Learning Center we teach Arabic as a living language, offering a form of colloquial or spoken Arabic while integrating Modern Standard Arabic for reading and writing. This innovative dual approach enables students to build a strong foundation and develop fluency, allowing learners to converse easily with native speakers in daily situations. 

Topics are based on every day and particular situations. You will learn through interactive activities and engaging discussions to help build a strong foundation. Approximately 70% of our Arabic courses is devoted to productive conversational skills, while 30% is focused on reading and writing skills. Classes include pronunciation rules and drills, vocabulary, useful phrases, sentence patterns, and grammar. 

Topics covered / Highlights

  • Talk about the family & siblings
  • Describe his/ her daily activities
  • Description (colors, clothes, house, human body)
  • Times, seasons and weather
  • Feelings and emotions
  • Buying & asking prices
  • Work part 2 (Identifying work tasks)

Who can attend this ?

Expats living in Qatar. 

Pre requisites

Assessment:- 15 minutes assessment to check his level.

What am I going to get from this Class ?

  • Distinguish similar Arabic sounds and words.
  • Read and write basic Arabic words.
  • Compose simple sentences.
  • Comprehend and use Arabic in both writing and speaking in various everyday life situations.
  • Communicate with Arabs in an acceptable way.
  • Have an approach on the Arabs culture.

Make simple correspondence using general Arabic.

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