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Personality Assessment And Psychometric Issue

By:   Oshinfowokan Ibikunle

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Course Details

This course will cover Personality Assessment and Psychometric Analysis of personality measurement which will help students to develop a questionnaire measuring personality, personality and employee performance, personality and academic performance.

Topics Covered

Below topics will be covered :-
Personality Assessment

  • Types of personality
  • How to assess the personality of individuals including prospective employees
  • Psychometric Analysis of personality measurement,
  • Types of personality measurement
  • Determining reliability and validity of personality measures
  • The role of measurement in Personality
  • Personality Development
  • Theories of personality
  • How to develop a questionnaire measuring personality
  • Personality and Employee performance
  • Personality and academic performance

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Psychology student: undergraduate and postgraduate.


By:   Nazir

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Course Details

The course name is Learning UNIVERSITY CALCULUS Made Easy.

Topics Covered

This is a list of calculus topics.


  • Limits
  • Differential calculus
  • Integral calculus
  • Special functions and numbers
  • Numerical integration
  • Lists and tables
  • Multivariable
  • Series
  • History
  • Nonstandard calculus


  • Limit (mathematics)
  • Limit of a function
    • One-sided limit
  • Limit of a sequence
  • Indeterminate form
  • Orders of approximation
  • (ε, δ)-definition of limit

Differential calculus

  • Derivative
  • Notation
    • Newton's notation for differentiation
    • Leibniz's notation for differentiation
  • Simplest rules
    • Derivative of a constant
    • Sum rule in differentiation
    • Constant factor rule in differentiation
    • Linearity of differentiation
    • Power rule
  • Chain rule
  • local linearization
  • Product rule
  • Quotient rule
  • Inverse functions and differentiation
  • Implicit differentiation
  • Stationary point
    • Maxima and minima
    • First derivative test
    • Second derivative test
    • Extreme value theorem
  • Differential equation
  • Differential operator
  • Newton's method
  • Taylor's theorem
  • L'Hôpital's rule
  • General Leibniz rule
  • Mean value theorem
  • Logarithmic derivative
  • Differential (calculus)
  • Related rates
  • Regiomontanus' angle maximization problem
  • Rolle's theorem

Integral calculus

  • Antiderivative/Indefinite integral
  • Simplest rules
    • Sum rule in integration
    • Constant factor rule in integration
    • Linearity of integration
  • Arbitrary constant of integration
  • Fundamental theorem of calculus
  • Integration by parts
  • Inverse chain rule method
  • Integration by substitution
    • Tangent half-angle substitution
  • Differentiation under the integral sign
  • Trigonometric substitution
  • Partial fractions in integration
    • Quadratic integral
  • Proof that 22/7 exceeds π
  • Trapezium rule
  • Integral of the secant function
  • Integral of secant cubed
  • Arclength
  • Shell integration

Special functions and numbers

  • Natural logarithm
  • e (mathematical constant)
  • Exponential function
  • Hyperbolic angle
  • Hyperbolic function
  • Stirling's approximation
  • Bernoulli numbers

Numerical integration

  • Rectangle method
  • Trapezium rule
  • Simpson's rule
  • Newton–Cotes formulas
  • Gaussian quadrature


  • Partial derivative
  • Disk integration
  • Gabriel's horn
  • Jacobian matrix
  • Hessian matrix
  • Curvature
  • Green's theorem
  • Divergence theorem
  • Stokes' theorem


  • Infinite series
  • Maclaurin series, Taylor series
  • Fourier series
  • Euler–Maclaurin formula

Who can Join

University Students , University Teachers

Business Subjects

By:   Huda Mahmood

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    Business Studies
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Course Details

This course is about Business Subjects.

Topics Covered

Finance Marketing Management Marketing research International finance Investment International marketing

Who can Join

University students

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