Top 10 Study Hacks to Improve Memory

Top 10 Study Hacks to Improve Memory

Jessica had spent sleepless nights for an entire month, preparing for her school final examinations. Finally, the dreadful monster arrived in the form of ‘exams’. It was her Biology exam that day. Jessica knew the answers to most of the questions in the paper. But, when it was time to start writing, she was completely blank! Someone seemed to have cast a spell on her memory and erased everything she had stored in her brain. What went wrong?It’s true. Memory plays funny tricks with us sometimes. Children, teenagers, youngsters, middle-aged and the elderly – almost eight out of every ten people from various age groups complain of poor memory. It is high time you boost your memory power, before it ruins you!Memory loss can cause serious damage, particularly for students. School students need to cope up with so many subjects – in so little time. Naturally, memorizing them is often a hard nut to crack. Let me reveal the top 10 study hacks for improving memory:

  • Read aloud: Some of you might prefer reading your lessons softly, in a whisper. Try reading them aloud for a change. Then, note the difference. Unless you hear your lessons yourself, you will not be able to retain them in your memory.
  • Visualize lessons: If you love reading books, you will notice that you can almost ‘see’ the events taking place in front of you. I mean the events mentioned in the book, seem to come ‘alive’. Try visualizing your subjects in a similar way. Imagine yourself present in a battlefield about which you are studying. You will remember the intricate details of the war much better this way.
  • Take notes: Taking notes is a great way to learn, especially for remembering dates, definitions and formulae. Take notes when your teacher explains a chapter. If you want to learn anything by heart, you can also write it down in the form of a summary once you have learnt the lesson. Make sure you understand what you have read and written down.
  • Teach others: This one always works! Try teaching your friends what you have just learnt. It would be great if the subject seems tough to you as well as your pals. If the concept is clear to you, you will be able to explain it beautifully. And, clear all the queries of your friends regarding the lesson. Otherwise, you still need to understand the subject better.
  • Take study breaks: Just like cars, the human brain too requires fuel for better performance! Research says that our attention span is brief. So, go for a coffee break after about one-and-half hour of study. Or go for a quick walk. Then go back to your study desk. You will feel fresh enough to continue studying your lesson.
  • Draw diagrams: My teachers always advised me to draw diagrams while learning some lessons. For instance, while learning a Physics lesson on ‘light’, you can practise ‘ray diagrams’ – showing the direction of light rays upon meeting a convex or concave mirror. It really helps you understand and remember your subject more easily.
  • Keep practicing: Good students collect sample questionnaire and practise them every now and then. You can solve sample question papers, or questions papers belonging to exams of precious years. This would help you develop a habit of remembering lessons more effectively. Moreover, it would also reduce you ‘exam-phobia’.
  • Plan your lessons: Never depend on last-minute exam preparations. Or you will end up forgetting everything just like Jessica. So ditch the idea of mugging up your lessons throughout the night. Instead, space out lessons properly. Make a time-table, like the one you follow in school. This lets you cover all the subjects in a week without putting pressure any pressure on you.
  • Watch your study space: Make sure your room is free from all kinds of clutter. Yes, I am talking about your study-room! You will notice that you can concentrate better in a neat and clean room. I would also suggest, change your study area every two days. It goes a long way in helping you relax as you study.
  • Avoid music: Some people feel listening to gentle music helps learning faster. However, you would notice how difficult it is to learn something new while your favorite music is playing nearby. So, just avoid listening to music when you are studying.
    Pay attention to the above study tips next time you fall prey to ‘Oblivion’s curse’! Dear students, you must take immediate steps to empower your memory. I hope my study strategies would come to your aide.

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